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In The Dressing Room: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, All Saints, & Express

Hello, lovely! Welcome back! Hope you’re having an amazing week! I can’t believe we’re already in JULY! With that being said, I wanted to start something new before the year comes to an end. I’ve begun a new segment on the blog called In The Dressing room! Here, I’ll try on different outfits from top stores around Dallas! These weekend, I’m bringing you in to the dressing room of a few amazing companies: Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Express & All Saints.

Inspired by some of these top Instagram fashion bloggers, I went and found some amazing buys and wanted to share them with you! Check out where I found each item and see how you can get your hands on them as well! Prepare to upgrade your wardrobe, chile!

Neiman Marcus

Alice + OliviaFierra Tank Velvet Mini Dress

Dressing Room Neiman Marcus Alice Olivia Velvet Dress

This dress was SO cute! It was extremely comfortable and I loved the fact that I can let the girls be free because the fabric was so high quality that I didn’t have to worry about anything poking out! Lol! The Alice & Oliva Take Mini Dress was so bomb! Definitely something to add to your wardrobe! You can find it here!

Alice + Olivia Hana Mock-Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress

dressing room alice olivia neiman marcus midi dress

Alicia and Olivia had my ATTENTION in the dressing room this weekend, y’all! This particular Midi Dress is great quality, extremely form fitting and has a zipper in the back, which made it very easy to put on. I felt like it did a really good job keeping everything looking tight!

I went braless with everything that I tried on at Neiman Marcus that day lol! Only because the fabric was so great that I wasn’t worried about flashing anybody! You can find this dress here!

Parker: Marielle Tiered-Sleeve Striped Blouse, White/Black


DL1961 Florence Instasculpt Skinny Jeans, Neptune

dressing room neiman marcus dl1961

Big sleeves are on trend in the dressing room this season! This blouse by Parker is flirty and fun and looks like nothing else I’ve seen before! This top is actually on sale and you can find it here! (HEADS UP: THIS TOP IS ON SALE!)

The jeans that I paired with this blouse are by the fabulous DL161! I decided to try on the Instasculpt style and, girl! They do just THAT! My booty was so lifted in these jeans and the denim was so comfortable! If your on the hunt for a new pair for denim for the upcoming fall, you need to try these! You can find them here.

NORDSTROM Dressing Room

Elton Fray Denim Shirtdress

dressing room nordstrom top shop

Denim shirtdress, oh how I love you! Shirtdresses are such a dope idea, because you can basically do anything with them! You can dress them up with heels as I did here, or you could even wear them with converse or sandals.

If you don’t want to wear it as a dress, throw on some leggings underneath! You can find a similar dress online here! (IT’S ASO ON SALE RIGHT NOW!)


dressing room nordstrom maxi dress

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this one on the Nordstrom website! Maybe it’s an item they only have in stores! I tried on an extra small, because that’s the size I normally wear, but I couldn’t get it past my thighs!

I ended up having to ask the associate that worked there for a medium. I waited in the dressing room for like 20 minutes to get my proper size, and when she came back with it… turns out, I was putting it on wrong!

I didn’t realize that there were shorts underneath. I was trying to put it on as if it were a skirt. So… two legs into one extra small short hole… yeah… doesn’t work.

But I loved the dress nonetheless!

WAYF Brayden Tiered Bell Sleeve Off-the-Shoulder Shift Dress

dressing room nordstrom wayf dress

This next dress I tried on in the Nordstrom dressing room was this romantic off the shoulder dress! It does look kind wrinkled here, but hey! It’s still cute, even at its worst! Once again, the big sleeves are making an appearance! I’m in love with this style! You can find this dress here!


Mid Rise Faded Stretch Super Skinny Jeans

dressing room express super skinny jeans

Everybody knows that Express has some of THE best jeans out there! The first thing I tried on in the Express dressing room were the Mid Rise Super Skinny jean! The quality was really nice, the fit was great, and I didn’t feel like it made my butt flat! You can find these jeans here!

Gray Mid Rise Destroyed Stretch Ankle Jean Legging

dressing room express gray ankle legging

Out of all the jeans that I tried on this weekend, these were by far my favorite! The fit was a amazing of course, but the style is what got me!  I loved the distressed looks and the fact they even put some rips at the bottom of the jean as well. The thing that I hate the most in trying to find a skinny jean is when the bottom of the jean is really not skinny. You know how some “skinny” jeans are that actually FLARE out a little bit. Not my fave. Also not the best for what you want to wear pumps like these with your jeans!

These jeans can be dressed up or down. You can find them here!

All Saints

AllSaints Riviera Devo Dress

dressing room all saints riviera devo dress

Y’all this dress was so bomb! AllSaints is a store from Germany and I had never heard of it until this weekend! In the dressing room, they had these industrial benches to sit on (they were way too comfy!) and I loved the floors! This dress was something that I have never seen before! Such a unique design! I found the grey version online and was doubly obsessed! You can find this dress in grey here! (PS. It looks even better in grey! Go check it out!)

The pink is also available on the AllSaints website here, but they are located in Germany, so shipping MAY be high! You can also find it in stores. They have a store locator on their website.

AllSaints Lia Mac, Dusty Pink

dressing room all saints lia mac jacket

Trying on this oversized jacket, I was getting all sorts of Yezzy vibes! When I say this jacket is oversized, honey! That is exactly what it is! This is an extra small, but I felt like it captured me! Lol! This is a perfect fall dress, because even though it is light weight, you can fit layers underneath it if it does happen to get cold in your state. You can find this jacket here!

So that wraps up July’s edition of In The Dressing Room! I hope you guys enjoyed it! If you have any questions about any of the items I tried on, let me know in the comments! We’ll be doing these ocne a month, so be on the look out!

For August, we’ll be doing a back to school edition once a week featuring my younger siblings! All five of them! They range between the ages of 13 & 24!

So thanks so much for hanging with me today! Be sure to sign up for your monthly dose of style and career!

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