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A One Year Wedding Anniversary Celebration | Part 1

Hey guys! Long time no see! It’s been crazy busy around these parts, but I want to just take a minute to acknowledge the fact that on Saturday, October 21st, my Husband, Franklin and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary! (check out some of our wedding photos!)

This marriage has been nothing short of amazing! People ask us all the time how married life is and I literally have no complaints! Doing life with this guy has been the most amazing experience so far!

As an ode to our celebration, we wanted to share footage with you of our favorite parts of the wedding, from prep all the way to send off! So today, check out our favorite parts of getting ready for the day!

Our Wedding Vendors (Dallas Based):

Makeup – Tavia Whitlowe (For Beauty Sake)

Hair – Muff (Muff’s Domane)

Photography – Marscel (Marscel HP Photography)

Videography – Brent (Brent Baxter Photography)

Don’t forget to come back TOMORROW for Part 2!

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