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Top 8 Girl Boss Blogs of 2017

Hey ladies! Happy Friday! I know a lot of you guys that follow my blog are entrepreneurs or are like me and have a side hustle that you’re running before and/or after your 9-5! Welcome, girl boss!


I’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey for a few years now and one of the biggest resources keeping me knowledgeable has been the reading of, not only business books, but also of blogs that are tailored towards women in business! A lot of these are catered towards women entrepreneurs, while some are centered around climbing the corporate ladder and becoming a true girl boss.


Each blog that I’m mentioning to day is one that I actually subscribe to. This means that I receive their emails, I check their sites regularly, and their content is helpful.


So without further ado, here’s my Top 8 List of bloggers who have helped me grow in business.


Girl Boss Blogs That Will Improve Your Career


Musings of Krav

Girl Boss

Photo From Maricia Joseph’s Intagram @mariciajosephs

Musings of Krav is a black owned blog, catering to women in creative professions. This site offers some amazing career advice and it also tells you about new and exciting career opportunities  and internships around the nation!


One of the things that I absolutely LOVE about this blog is that the writers interview some pretty dope people!


Some of the more recent guests have been Kelly Shami (she’s a 25 year old visual artist who designed all the visuals for Beyonce’s Formation Tour). They also had Maya Allan (she’s a 24 year old Howard graduate and the Fashion and Beauty Assistant at Cosmopolitan Magazine), and Eliza Licht (she’s a PR vet who founded Leave Your Mark. She’s basically THE social media guru for women in business).


Musings of Krav also has a category in their blog called Work Style, where they’ve put together a super impressive collection of fashionable yet professional looks.


Girl Boss

Girl Boss

Photo From The Girl Boss Site


GirlBoss is seriously my favorite of this bunch. It started as a book authored by Sophia Amoruso and is one of the first blogs that I subscribed to, mainly because I LOVE the content! The site is perfect for women who are entrepreneurial, for those who have a side hustle aside from their 9-5, or for the career woman who wishes to take over in the particularly male dominated corporate industry.


Topics that Girl Boss cover are Work, Money, Beauty, Portraits, and Life. My personal favs are the Work and Money topics! They give you such practical advice on their site and the emails they send you are super helpful. Inside the emails, they’ll send you some of the top articles of the moment! And they’re seriously always AMAZING!


I have a few articles from this site that hold a place in the “favorites” section of my laptop. Some of them are “Why Saving Is So Hard And How To Do It Anyway,” “How To Write An Email (No Seriously),” and “How To Work Your Side Hustle Without Losing Your Job.”


I’m seriously obsessed with this website! Pretty sure I’ve read every blog post they have on their site! ALSO! If you haven’t had the chance to read the Girl Boss book, you need to put that on your wish list!


Career Girl Daily

Career Girl Daily is another blog that I’m subscribed to for all my Girl Boss educational needs! It was created by media company, Girl Daily Media. Topics on this website include Career, Beauty,  Lifestyle, Let’s Get Fit, Blogger Talk and Fashion. My favorite of the six categories are Career and Lifestyle!


This website is filled with  blog posts so anytime you feel like binge reading on how to take over the world, head over to Career Girl Daily! They offer some bomb advice, such as “How To Be A Badass At Making Money,” “How To Become A Successful Blogger From Day One,” and “5 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time.”


Career Girl Daily is CONSTANTLY putting out high quality content, which is what I love about them! There’s never a day that I go to their website and there isn’t new stuff up for me to read! You’ll love this one!


Career Contessa

Girl Boss

Photo From The Career Contessa Site


Career Contessa is another amazing website founded by Lauren McGoodwin! They offers career counseling and even has a job search feature! Some of the categories on this site (they have a ton) are Advice, Interviews, Jobs + Companies, and Professional Development. My favs for this site are Advice and Professional Development! Career Contessa is the perfect spot to go if you need tips on networking, leadership and management, and personal branding.


This is a site that you want to spend a good amount of time on if you’re wanting to get serious about your career! Also, if you’re currently on the hunt for a new job or are up for a new position at work, Career Contessa also has this thing that they call “31 Interview Flash Cards.” These cards help to prepare you for your upcoming interview and even offers bonus tips on how to nail difficult interview questions!


Recently, I went through the process of transitioning job fields, going from providing beauty services to working in the corporate world to build capital for my business. The Interview Cards came in handy, because when I interviewed for my corporate job at Neiman Marcus recently and the interview went so well! I was extremely prepared and confident thanks to these cards! So it’s just things like that, that you can read on this website to improve your career life!


Side Hustle Pro

Girl Boss

Photo From The Side Hustle Pro Site


Side Hustle Pro is more of a podcast than a blog, but I HAD to put her on here because of the content! On her website, she has a breakdown of each one of her podcast episodes! Side Hustle Pro is such an awesome podcast, because the founder, Nicaila, interviews women entrepreneurs who have taken their business from side hustle to full time gig!


Side Hustle Pro includes Girl Boss types such as Myliek Teel (founder of Curl Box), Denequa Williams (founder of LIT Brooklyn, a luxury brand of candles), and Latesha Williams (Co-Founder of Black Card Revoked).


I took some time to embed some of my favorite podcast episodes! These three episodes have given me inspiration for my own business and, at times, has motivated me to keep pushing! If you want to see how these amazing Black women in business take their ideas and turn them into profit, check out Side Hustle Pro!


Curl Mix Founder Episode

LIT Brooklyn Founder Episode

Myliek Teele Episode

The Skinny Confidential

The Skinny Confidential was started by Lauryn Evarts (new last name Bosstick) and I’ve been following her for quite a while now!


Some of the topics Lauryn covers are Beauty, Business, Style, Wedding, and Recipes. She also offers meal plans on her blog which I have been tempted to purchase a few times (but me knowing me, I probably wouldn’t commit to it). One of the meal plans that stands out in particular to me is the “Bye, Bloat Meal Plan.”


Out of all the topics covered on The Skinny Confidential, I actually have a favorite! And of course, it’s the Business section. The reason being is not because I’m obsessed with business, but because she spills some major business tea and she has the experience and the following to back it up. My thoughts are if someone has tips on certain things you should take their advice, not try to reinvent the wheel!


Like the Girl Boss website, I have a few of TSC articles saved to my favorites. These are “Work On Your Business, Not In It,” “Life Changing For Your Time Management: Time Blocking,” and “The Skinny Confidential’s Biz Plan: An Upside Down Triangle (Start Small // Think Big).”


The Skinny Confidential is also a podcast (co-hosted by her husband, Michael Bosstick), which is dope, because it provides another way for you to receive dope information!


Ivanka Trump

Girl Boss

Photo From Ivanka Trump Website


Ivanka Trump is a blog that I have more recently subscribed to. Ivanka Trump’s business blog is seriously bomb! Some of the topics on her blog include Style, Work, Home, Play, Travel, and Wise Words.


My favorites are Work, Home, and Travel! Some of the articles that are in my favorites are “How To Recover From Mistakes,” can you say, “Covfefe?” “Six Ways To Go From Salary To Start Up,” “How Start A Business In A Crowded Market,” and an article Franklin and I will definitely come back to when we start trying for Baby #1, “How To Start A Business– When You’re Also Starting A Family.”


There’s so much good content on this site! Don’t miss out!


The Money Coach


The Money Coach is Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, a USC graduate! This blog is all about finance and entrepreneurship and I am 100% here for it! If you need to learn more behind the legalities of creating a business, this is the blog you need to be reading!


Some of the most helpful articles I’ve read have been “How To Run Your Side Hustle On A Shoestring Budget,” “Five Steps For Registering Your Small Business,” “Best Place To Find Grants, Loans, and Financing For Entrepreneurs,” and “The Truth About Why Your Budget Keeps Falling Apart.”


This blog is for those who are entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, and corporate women who want to get serious about the legalities and technicalities of business and/or personal finance!


So I’ve give you a ton of useful content today! It’s 11 o’clock on a Friday, so I’m sure you’ve pretty much “clocked out” mentally at your job! So instead of staring into space, check out a few of these blogs and find out how you can become  a better Girl Boss!




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    This is now on save and I will be sharing! Thanks for the suggestions.

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    June 17, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing this list. I love following other lady bosses! Such a great list.

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