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How We Killed The Christmas Card Game

Hey guys! Welcome back to the blog!


As ALL of you know, Christmas is on Monday!


Last year, Franklin and I began the tradition of creating a digital Christmas Card! I made a promise to y’all that each year the cards would get better and better, and your girl never reneges on her word!


My husband’s been a professional photographer for about 10 years now, so my creative mind and his creative eye came together to try to, once again, KILL THE CHRISTMAS CARD GAME.


For those of you who don’t understand the lingo, that means to make unbelievably amazing Christmas cards! And I think we did a pretty good job!


I’m already super excited to see what 2018’s card will look like! Hopefully, there will be a bump in there somewhere! 😉


So without further ado, here is our 2017 Digital Christmas card and even more amazing shots from the night!


Merry Christmas!





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