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5 Money Habits That Are Keeping You Broke AF

As an entrepreneur, there are many things I’ve learned about money and finance! Unfortunately, a lot of these lessons have been learned by mistake! Today, I’m sharing these with you in hopes to save you some trouble!

Here are:

5 Habits That Are Keeping You Broke AF

Spending Everything You Make

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get paid the same time every month. Because if this, it is very tempting to spend your money immediately when you get a large payment! Before you know it, it’s the end of the month and you’ve spent everything you’ve made all month and you’re scrambling for rent.


I’ve been guilty of this way too many times and it’s taken me far too many months to realize  how big of a problem this truly was. As a result, I’ve started to keep better track of my finances, and making sure that each dollar I make is going towards something and that I’m not mindlessly spending. Which leads me to my second point:

Living Without A Budget

When you’re not on a monthly salary, you may think it’s impossible to create a budget. This is 100% untrue. You may be unsure exactly how much money you’ll bring in each month, but the amount of money you put out is relatively always the same. If you would like to create a budget but aren’t sure where to start, read this!


Living without a budget makes it possible to lose track of your spending. Then you’ll look back on your bank statement for the month and realize you’ve spent $300 on eating out. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Create a budget!

Not Investing In Yourself

Knowledge is power! And sometimes it costs money to gain that power. Though you can find many a online classes on websites like udemy.com, there’s nothing like a good ol’ seminar. And some of them are free as well!


Not only should you invest in your education, but you should also invest with your finances. You don’t necessarily have to invest in the stock market, but a 401K or IRA would be absolutely perfect. Also, don’t forget to take advantage of 401K matching programs from your employer. Every little bit helps.

Being Behind On Your Bills

If you are consistently behind on your bills, it’s really hard to come on top financially! Many times, they say if you want to be financially secure, save, save, save. Truth is, you can’t save what you’re not making! So that’s why I say, increase, increase, increase. YOUR INCOME!


Even if it’s just temporary, ask for extra hours at your job, clean houses, walk dogs, do anything you can to catch up on your bills. Because once you’re one month behind, that one month will become two. Then you’ll constantly be struggling to keep up. Trust me, I know! And you can’t forget those sneaky late fees!

Ignoring Your Debts

Ignoring your debts can get (and keep) you in a world of trouble. I’m sure we all know by know that interest fees are the devil! Especially when it comes to credit cards with that giant 20% APR attached to it.


Don’t just ignore your debt. It’s still gonna be there. It will continue to increase. You need to create a plan to get you out of the hole, girl! You can factor in debt payments when you create your budget.


If you have items in collections that you’ve been ignoring and haven’t made payments to, no worries! I got you! You may not even have to pay those! And to get them removed from your credit report could cost you nothing! Read this and I’ll show you how I removed over 15 items from my credit report for FREE!

Not Saving

When I mentioned below that they say if you want to be financially secure, save, save, save that you should increase your income, I meant it! But that doesn’t mean either or! A common question is whether or not you should pay off all of your debts before saving. The answer is.. it depends. Everyone’s income and everyone’s debt is different! However, one thing is for certain: not having a plan can set you up for failure.


If you want to be financially secure, it is important to have a savings plan! There are many ways you can go about doing this. One of my favorite ways to tackle debt and start saving is Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps. You can learn about that program here.


You’d be surprised though, that the money you want to save, you’re already making it! You just have to reevaluate your funds! Make sure you’re getting the best possible deal on everything you’re paying out. This includes your electricity bill, your car note, your health, life, car, and renters insurance, etc. Always make sure you’re not paying more for these services than what you should be paying.


If you want to learn how you can do that, I can help you out! It’ll be free and dinner’s on us (if you live in Dallas)! Anything to help a fellow lady succeed in her finances! Just send me an email to hello@chasitykwilliams.com.

The Bottom Line

Your habits can make or break you and your finance is one thing you don’t want to be broken! I left a lot of good nuggets, so if you have any questions, send me an email or let’s chat in the comments!

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